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The economy may be on the mend, but there’s still a long way to go until we get back to the standards of living we were enjoying before the bubble burst about five years ago. That means most businesses are still looking for ways to keep their costs at a minimum and, as usual, at Davpack we’re doing our best to help.

Mail order shopping via the internet is one of the biggest growth areas in modern retailing, as we explained in a previous blog, but growing alongside it has been the actual cost of mailing and posting goods to customers’ homes. In a highly competitive market, it’s something many businesses are having to absorb themselves if they want to keep the orders coming in. It was a particular blow when the Royal Mail reviewed its pricing structure for parcels earlier in the year, as many businesses discovered that ‘review’ meant significant hikes in their delivery costs.

There’s not much we can do about the Royal Mail’s policy, I’m afraid, so we’ve had to look at other ways of counteracting the extra delivery charges many of our customers have been faced with. That has meant designing new boxes based on the new size restrictions and looking at ways of cutting the amount you need to spend on your packaging.


Low cost small parcel and large letter postal boxes…

For example, we were able to have our new range of Small Parcel Saver Postal Boxes ready for order on the very day the Royal Mail changed its pricing structure back in April. That allowed our customers the opportunity to ensure from day one that they weren’t going to be paying over the odds for their deliveries, by accidentally using a bigger postal box than they actually needed to. Plus, to help you even more, the good news is that, by popular demand, there are two new sizes being added to the range very, very soon!

We also introduced our new Economy Large Letter Postal Boxes, with prices starting at less than 15p per box, and, just like the small parcel boxes, there are several more sizes being added to the range as we speak.


…and the best value padded envelopes on the market!

Another new initiative launched this year was our very own range of padded, or bubble envelopes and, to put it mildly, it’s proved a very popular move. That, of course, might have something to do with the fact that they’re up to 25% cheaper than branded ones.

At Davpack, cheap never means poor quality and these bags are just as good at their job as any others you can buy from us. In other words, they’re bubble bags covered in strong gold or white kraft paper – one of the biggest selling protective postal packaging solutions around.

When we introduced the range, there were 12 sizes in white, but only six in gold. But such has been the demand for them that we have now expanded the range, so that there are now 11 sizes in gold for our new padded envelopes – ranging from 110 x 160mm up to 350 x 470mm. So, if you currently buy a branded version, you can now match them like-for-like in size and save big time!

That will allow even more of you to get the quality postal packaging you want just as quickly as ever, but also considerably cheaper.

These are just three constructive ways we’ve been able to help Davpack customers keep control of their costs this year. And as we continue to expand our range and offer better and better ways for you to manage your packaging more effectively, more efficiently and more economically, you can be sure that we’ll keep coming up with ideas that will save you money – not just in postal packaging but right across the board.

Call our Customer team on 01332 821200 to find out more about the full range of new packaging supplies arriving in the Davpack warehouse this summer. Or click here to go to our online store now!

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