Selecting the Right Supplier

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Selecting the right supplier to partner with is a critical decision within a business. It is also essential that the switching is completed seamlessly for continued success.

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Choosing the right supplier to partner with is a critical decision within a business. It is also essential that the switching is completed seamlessly for continued success.

For a business running a lean manufacturing process, a successful switch over process on the first attempt is critically important in a busy production environment. To sustain efficiency it is essential the integration process runs smoothly to avoid any gaps in inventory and downtime in dispatch.

While there are no set rules when searching for the right supplier, with this short guide we cover some areas to bear in mind when choosing which supplier can best satisfy the needs of your business.

So what do you need to consider choosing the right packaging supplier?

1. Undertake adequate research

2. Share and agree your priorities

3. Complete a costing analysis

4. Run out existing stock

5. Make the switch!


Undertake adequate research

Finding the right packaging supplier takes time.

Dedicate a period to completing both online and offline research into the most suitable packaging supplier for your business.  Through adequate background research you can be confident that your chosen supplier would allow you to focus on running the business efficiently without the need to closely oversee the working relationship.

Reviewing pricing, minimum spend levels and delivery thresholds are always worth considering especially if you’re using high volumes and may have frequent deliveries per month.

For businesses using one or more suppliers to service the business, try prioritising suppliers according to their volumes, as well as any current performance issues to avoid common disappointments such as mis-shipped items or inconsistent quality. Using review platforms such as Trustpilot to research impartial opinions from other customers about service, goods and price is an ideal starting point.

Share and agree your priorities

With thorough research you will soon become familiar with the top players within the packaging industry. This will help you identify the key strengths and USP’s each supplier has, so by narrowing down the important aspects to your business and sharing this with prospect suppliers. You can narrow down your selection and identify the supplier best suited to supply your business.

Costing analysis

Too often businesses underestimate the impact a bad partnership has on their reputation, with some shortcuts often causing costly negative ripple effects across the whole supply chain. To avoid common pitfalls and in turn bearing bottom line losses when choosing a supplier, look out for other benefits asides competitive prices to compare against.

Assessing the company against certain qualities such as stock levels, service and quality, dispatch times and for your business peak period; delivery options, will help you complete a thorough comparison test. After all, a cheaper supplier may not offer the same service levels that alternative suppliers within the industry provide as standard.

Run out existing stock

For environments using various packaging options, using up existing stock may not not occur simultaneously across your whole packaging range. However to guarantee a smooth integration process and avoid halting the production and dispatch, implementing a stock rotation system would ensure old stock is used first, whilst providing sufficient room for the new products to be stored and ready to be use.

Make the switch

Thanks to rise of technology meeting face to face to discuss and confirm requirements and signing lengthy contracts is now becoming a thing of the past. Field sales teams are often available to review packaging requirements in house for more specific needs, however this is frequently not needed with online quotations, online chats and contact points more readily available.

For businesses ordering multiple packaging in bulk quantities switching suppliers can become a time consuming task that is soon often left or forgotten about.

So why not enquire with your packaging supplier of choice if they have a quick and easy process to switching suppliers, allowing you to avoid the administrative commitment involved and focus on what you do best!

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