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Royal Mail Delivery Charges
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When the Royal Mail announced plans to change the way they priced parcel deliveries, there wasn’t much time for businesses to react. In fact, when the new pricing structure came into force on April 2, many people were still unaware it was happening at all.

One company that had been paying attention was Davpack. On April 2, we started getting phone calls from customers old and new, who had woken up to the fact that the amount they paid to deliver their products to their own customers was about to rise very sharply.

Those people were delighted to hear that we not only knew all about the new policy and could talk them through their options, but that we already had a new range of postal boxes – specially designed to match the new categories – available for order.

Being ahead of the game has been good news for Davpack – our Small Parcel Saver Postal Boxes in particular have been flying off the shelves. More importantly, though, our prescience has been good news for our customers.

As soon as we heard about the changes, we realised that those who were unprepared could get stung by the significant difference between the cost of sending small and medium parcels. We quickly noticed that if you’re sending a 1kg parcel first class on a business account, it will cost you £2.15 more to send it as a medium parcel than a small one.

As long as your product could fit into a small parcel, it suddenly became vital to ensure that it did. If you’re sending twenty parcels a day (a not unreasonable number for a small business), that £2.15 extra per parcel rapidly turns into an extra £215 a week or £11,180 a year!

Getting that information out to people as quickly as possible meant we could start saving them money from the off. And with none of our competitors seemingly awake to what was happening, if we didn’t do it, then no one else would!

We’re still doing all we can to make sure anyone who needs postal boxes to post out their products is fully aware of the new system. We’ve even produced the above infographic about the new Royal Mail pricing structure, which we hope gets the information across in a far more accessible way – let us know what you think!

And if you know of any friends or fellow traders still struggling to get their heads around the whole thing, try pointing them in its direction. Otherwise, our Customer team is always happy to answer any questions you may have – try giving them a call on 01332 821 200

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