Small Parcels are getting bigger – which means more opportunities to save with Davpack

small parcels are getting bigger
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As from today, Monday 20 October, the Royal Mail has…again…increased the size of a ‘small parcel’. This is great news for thousands of mail order companies, as it means a lot of their deliveries are about to get a whole lot cheaper.

This will actually be the second change to the small parcel since the new pricing system was introduced in April last year. Then, the size of a small parcel was defined as being up to 450 x 350 x 80mm or 160 x 160 x 160mm.

At the time, Davpack was the first UK packaging company to respond to the Royal Mail’s changes, and we were immediately able to offer our customers a range of Small Parcel boxes that met the new guidelines, while also giving as much packing space as possible.

In October last year, recognising that they had alienated a lot of their old customers with the new structure, the size was increased to 450 x 350 x 80mm or 350 x 250 x 160mm.

Now, another year down the line, they’ve combined the two sizes into one far more manageable and understandable maximum, which is 450 x 350 x 160mm.

More space with even bigger savings
That gives you a lot more packing space for your money – and once again, Davpack is leading the way to make sure you can make the most of the new opportunity.

We’ve already designed and made a special new box which meets the new maximum permissible size – that means that as long as you don’t go over the 2kg weight load, you can already save quite a bit by mailing your products cheaper than you could before.

That box is available to order as from today.

Save over £5 postage per parcel with Davpack
And as we head into the busy Christmas trading period, the Royal Mail has given another boost to mail order businesses, by cutting the cost of sending a small parcel on a 2nd class service by £1.

That means it will now cost £2.80, instead of £3.80 – that’s a saving of over 25% straight off.

But if you’re using our new box, before today you’d have had to pay £8.00, because then it would have qualified as a medium parcel. In other words, at one fell swoop, the price of posting that box has been cut by £5.20 – that’s an incredible 65% saving!

The £2.80 price is a temporary special offer which the Royal Mail are running until 18 January 2015. But the new size is a permanent change, so even after the promotion, you’ll still be paying £4.20 per parcel less, which is a saving of 52.5%.

If you want any further advice on the best way to save on your postage by taking advantage of the new Royal Mail Small Parcel size and the special Christmas offer, give us a call on 01332 821200.

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