The customer is not always (b)right: Big Head


Okay, maybe I should be generous here and give the customer in question the benefit of the doubt.

What he asked for was a 600mm shower cap. That’s a shower cap – yes, the sort of cap you wear in the shower if you want to keep your hair dry – with a 600mm diameter. In case you’re entirely old school when it comes to measurements, that’s more than 23½ inches, or just shy of two feet. You’d need a very big head – or, I suppose, a very big afro – for such a thing to be of any use.

Like I say, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and trust that he wasn’t really expecting us to stock exactly what he was asking for. We are, after all, a packaging supplies company, so showerwear would represent something of an unusual and unlikely sideline. What he was actually after, of course, was something like a shower cap, with an elasticated opening. Basically, he wanted something that he could fit over a dust extractor.

Deb, who took the call, is never the kind to give up on a potential sale without a fight and did her best to convince him that plastic sheeting or strong polythene bags (presumably used in conjunction with large rubber bands) might solve his problem, but neither unfortunately seemed to interest him.

Incidentally, if you search for such a thing on Google, you do get a few hits, but the largest I could find was a mere 540mm in diameter and pink. Another had ‘Big Hair’ written all over it in bright colours. Even if they had fitted perfectly, neither would have been entirely suitable for an industrial dust extractor, to be sure, but when you’re looking for a 600mm shower cap, I suppose you have to take what you can find.

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Dave Smith

With a background that has included spells in marketing and editorial management in the publishing and performing arts industries, Dave is now a valued member of Davpack’s marketing team, where he is our lead blogger and senior copywriter. Still relatively new to the business, he will be aiming to look at the world of cardboard boxes and packaging materials from a slightly different angle to the usual. Davpack

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