The Moving Checklist: How Many Boxes Will I Need?

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If you are planning to move house, there’s the difficulty of estimating how many moving boxes you might need to pack up all of your belongings to consider. However, with good planning, it need not be the complete mystery it initially seems.

Of course, not everyone will need the same amount of boxes. So let’s look at this situationally: a family who has bought their first home, and a student moving to their new home at university.

Students moving to university

When a student leaves home for the first time, they often spend their first year living in halls — where they have a relatively small bedroom to contain all of their belongings. Now, are they catered for or self catered? If food is provided for the resident students, they might not really need to take bulky pots and pans with them. So their belongings should be mainly made up of clothing, books, technology, and study materials; not forgetting the odd miscellaneous items.

Needless to say, the student moving from a bedroom at home to a bedroom at uni requires a relatively small number of boxes to contain the total amount of their belongings. Our specially designed student moving kit would more than do the job.

By the end of their first year, however, a student is likely to have increased their volume of belongings they’ve gathered over the year, along with new course essentials. These can add up to fill at least one or two extra boxes by the end of the university year.

Frequently, the second year student will be moving into a shared student house. Now, they will certainly (one would hope) need pots, pans, crockery, and kitchen utensils. Any boxes that were unused out of last year’s moving kit may well be put into good use by the second or third house move of their studies, not forgetting their handy storage capabilities, too.

Now, students have been known to move all their belongings via plastic bag. It’s quite common. However, moving kits are a great way to help them get organised for the year ahead. It’s a great way of helping them get ahead in this important time of their life, as well as teaching them the value of knowing where things are around the house.

Families buying their first home Moving Kits from Davpack

For a family, buying their first home is a momentous occasion. Whether you are a brand-new family with babies and toddlers, or an older family that has always rented in the past, moving into the first home you have ever owned is always exciting prospect. So, when you are planning the move and trying to get organised, how many boxes will you need for such a move?

Well, in our range of house moving kits, we’ve made it that bit easier by creating sets that are especially suited to different sizes of home. There are four different kits: one for a 1-2 bedroom house, one for a 2-3 bedroom house, one for a 4-5 bedroom house, and a jumbo kit for larger properties or people with a lot of belongings to move. This gives you a good place to start when you are considering how many boxes you might need.

Of course, do take into account whether your current home is minimalist, with few belongings and just the absolute minimum you require, or whether it is a little cluttered and busy with a lot of items to pack up and move. This will make an impact on the house moving kit you will need. Begin by having a look at what is in each kit and by scanning each of your rooms, you can estimate how many boxes you might need in total.

Also, consider the type of property you are moving into. A family moving into a small inner-city apartment will have less space than one moving into a large converted barn in the countryside, for instance. The last thing you need is moving so many belongings that you start your life in your new home with jam-packed cupboards bursting at the seams. Think about where you are moving to and be realistic about how much it can hold.

For more information on how many moving boxes you may need, pop over to our dedicated moving kits page and see what could be the best fit for you.

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