The tissue at issue

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Tissue paper has many uses beyond the obvious.

Being a packaging supplies company, Davpack is mostly concerned with its uses in that field which, in its basic form, includes general wrapping, scrunching, void-filling and interleaving.

Acid-free tissue is a wrapping and protective packaging material that not only looks and feels fantastic but also won’t tarnish even the most delicate items, from textiles and jewellery to silverware and china. You can get it ‘machine glazed’ or ‘machine finished’ and, while both are wonderfully soft, the latter is the bee’s knees, with a real feeling of luxury, which manages to make any product wrapped in it feel even more special than it already is. Available as white tissue paper or in a range of eye-catching colours – from cerise and forest green to burgundy and pale pink – acid-free tissue paper is one of our biggest selling and most popular ranges.


Protect and preserve

Another use for tissue paper is in its unbuffered, or unglazed, form. This is the kind of tissue used by museums and libraries in archival storage to preserve old documents and photos, interleave the pages in antique books and so on. To make this, you not only need to make sure your pulp is totally acid free, it also needs the lignin removed, because it’s the lignin that makes old paper turn yellow.

Lignin is an organic polymer most commonly derived from wood and is a fantastically useful thing with a host of applications. For example, a German company has developed a process for turning it into a substance which behaves like plastic for injection molding. And when you’ve finished with it, you can throw it on the fire and it burns just like wood. In packaging, however, it seems that we’re better off without it, and if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’ll already know that kraft paper gets the strength from which it derives its name (‘kraft’ is German for strong) by removing the lignin from the wood pulp.


Back to basics

So we’ve covered the soft, and we’ve covered, by way of a detour, the strong, so that just leaves the very long. Which brings us back to the obvious use of tissue paper. And, yes, we sell that as well. Just click here.

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