How The Unboxing Trend Can Grow Your Business?

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The Unboxing Expereince

The Unboxing Experience

There has always been an emphasis on business branding, however only recently has there been such great attention on not only creating a positive unboxing experience but an everlasting experience upon delivery With 20% of consumers buying decisions being influenced by unboxing videos, such visual feedback can help businesses understand consumer real-time reactions and help identify strengths and weaknesses involved with content packaging.

With the unboxing trend becoming more influential compared to that of 10 years ago, it is sure to conclude that growing businesses should incorporate more thought into their products packaging.

So how can a business go about incorporating this new trend into their existing or newly established business…? In this blog, we will concentrate on 2 areas that can help you establish a stronger unboxing experience for your customers.

Customised Packaging

In industries where the manufacturer and the end user are separated by distribution channels, customised packaging is the first visible distinguishing feature from your competitors. On the shelf products or large purchases such as cars can be determined first by their look, especially if for the consumer this is the first of its kind, therefore the product needs to look appealing at first sight.

With customised packaging no longer an exclusive trend for large corporations, growing businesses can and should take advantage of this unique feature. Inside, outside or both; afterall if you are buying in smaller quantities trial opportunities are unlimited.

Simply adding your company slogan on a ribbon or printing your logo on the outer packaging of your parcel for a growing business not only adds a push of surprise for the consumer, but a distinguishing feature from your competitors. It is essential to note that, the outer packaging should be strong and sturdy so the printing quality compliments the design. Good packages tend to be reused or stored and re-purposed for home use, making for an even greater loyalty to the brand should there be a need for a repeat order.

High value brands such as Chanel as well as antique wine sellers, invest resources in ensuring their unboxing experience is simultaneous to value of their product. Applying these principles to your own product, not only protects your product whilst on transit, but prepares the customer to value the content.

Personal Message

Growing businesses have the advantage of applying innovation to their industry without certain limitations; a great advantage growing businesses have against large corporations. With new release payment platform (Square), small businesses are able to compete more innovatively by providing similar services in a more unique way. This can include adding personal warm messages to document labels, a soft tone instructions manual or showcasing the values of the business by illustrating a care for where your products are sourced.

This could be through marketing material delivered in parcels explaining where the products used are sourced, or raising awareness through educating customers to contribute positively to social changes. Teaching your customers how to dispose of your products sustainably is also a welcomed approach to cause marketing, and developing unboxing trend strategically.

While opening a purchase in itself is an experience, growing businesses should not only exploit the unboxing trend, but go further by incorporating their values into this momentum. This is so as the trend grows, so does the businesses awareness within their industry.

Businesses should try to utilise both inside and outside of packaging for marketing, using visual aids and tactics of large corporations to help them along the way.


Something From Us

We do hope our insights give you inspiration to perfect your marketing skills and increase your packaging knowledge. Attached is a short presentation to highlight other areas that can help your business utilise the unboxing trend for your business.

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