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This, in case you haven’t noticed, is a blog about packaging. We’ve written well over 150 articles on the subject, covering everything from guides to strapping and the different flutes used in corrugated cardboard to product news and identifying what length walking stick would be appropriate for the average-sized elephant. The point is, packaging is a broad subject.

But there’s a lot more that can be said about packaging than even we are able to cover, and there are people out there prepared to say it. So, in a generous spirit of inclusion, we set out to discover the best five packaging blogs on the internet. Here are the results – in no particular order.

1 Packaging News
The clue is in the title – this covers the latest designs and developments in the packaging industry, with a good bit of opinion thrown in for good measure. It incorporates all aspects of the business from branded packaging, logistics and employment, to postal packaging, environmental issues and current legislation, plus there’s a regular column on the state of the corrugated cardboard market. It’s a UK blog, but the rest of the world isn’t ignored, making this a good stopping point for anyone in the UK with an interest in literally anything packaging related.

2 Packaging of the World
If your main area of interest is in branded packaging design, you’ll find the very best and the very smartest from around the world gathered together on this beautiful site. The concept is wonderfully simple – take the latest cool designs, and give them a worthy showcase with a number of arty photos to bring out their best from all angles. It’s short on words, so all you have to do is feast your eyes, and soak up the most cutting edge designs next time you’re seeking inspiration for your next packaging makeover.

3 Best in Packaging
Anton Steeman brings some 40 years’ worth of experience as a packaging engineer to look at the latest trends in packaging technology, with a special interest in sustainability and recyclability. He’s more interested in the sort of packaging you see on the shelves in shops than the general, industrial packaging we specialise in, but there’s less difference between the two than you might imagine. It’s about the practicality of a piece of packaging, as opposed to the aesthetics in which Packaging of the World revels. What job does the packaging do, how effectively does it do it and can it be done with better regard for the planet? These are the questions Steeman is interested in, and they are close enough to our hearts and our way of thinking to ensure we make regular visits to peruse his latest musings.

4 Packaging Matters

It quickly becomes apparent when you stop at Packaging Matters that this is not a site given over to the beauty of packaging design. Like the design of the site, its subject matter is almost entirely functional –that it describes itself as “a compilation of articles, excerpts, & opinion pieces on general packaging topics brought to you by a group of Certified Packaging Professionals” and that one of the more recent blogs is entitled “Chromatografting: A New Water Repelling Technology for Corrugated?” are further clues. But don’t be put off – this is interesting and worthwhile stuff for anyone in the packaging business, and regular visits should be considered a more than sensible use of your time. It’s just not very sexy!

5 Davpack

Well, we had to include our own blog, didn’t we? And we said these were in no particular order, otherwise Davpack’s Thinking Outside of the Box would have had to go at number one. Our experts in industrial packaging, logistics, customer care and ecommerce share their thoughts, advice and experience with anyone prepared to listen, with a welcome dash of humour and an occasional dose of surrealism thrown in to keep it lively.

These are our only slightly biased favourites – which packaging blogs do you read and why should we be reading them as well? Leave your comments below!

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Rick Stanford

Rick has been a salesman in the packaging supplies business for more than thirty years. Now semi-retired, he divides his time between tending his allotment in north Devon, getting depressed at the continuing travails of his home-town football club Macclesfield Town, and sharing his considerable experience and knowledge with the readers of the Davpack blog. Davpack

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