101 Uses for Bubble Wrap No 19: Make a Calendar

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We’ve probably all either bought or received one of those tear-off desk-top calendars for Christmas. You know the ones I mean – there’s a page for each day with a cartoon (which isn’t very funny) or some words of wisdom (which aren’t very wise). It’s the sort of thing you buy for someone when you have absolutely no idea what they might actually want. One year I got three and at the time I didn’t even have a desk to put them on.

I don’t know of anybody that has ever successfully used one of these for a whole year. I’m hoping that no one who’s bought me one in the past will be reading this, because I’m going to confess here that I don’t think I’ve ever used one beyond the end of January.


Tempus popit

How much more satisfying it would be to have a bubble wrap calendar – each bubble represents a day of the year, and on that day you pop it! Just like an advent calendar, in fact, except it lasts all year (assuming you don’t yield to the temptation to pop all 365 on the first day, of course) and there’s no chocolate. Although you could just eat some chocolate after popping the bubble anyway, thus making the whole experience even more of a sensory high.

You can buy them online, but you can make your own just as easily and much cheaper. You could even make them for your friends and family for Christmas (I’m beginning to sound like Valerie Singleton now) – all you need is a long sheet of white card, a black marker pen, a roll of bubblewrap packaging (with small or large bubbles, depending how big you want it to be) and something to stick the bubble wrap to the card.

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