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We send huge numbers of cardboard boxes out into the world and have little idea what happens to many of them. Not that we want to give them each their own names, include a certificate of ownership for the customer and ask that we be kept informed of every important development in their lives. We love cardboard boxes at Davpack, but we’re not mad (well, not all of us, but that’s another story).

What I mean is that we don’t know what many of them are used for. Some are obvious; if you’re sending some to a customer with a name like Honest Joe’s Plastic Oesophagus Supplies, for example, you can be fairly sure that they’re going to play a key role in the honest supply of plastic oesophagi. Some we find out just by talking to people, and it seems that they’re generally used for packaging useful but everyday items such as gear parts, metal springs or pottery.


Grape expectations

But there’s one group of packaging products we sell for which we don’t need unimaginatively descriptive company names or customer chit-chat to know their ultimate purpose. We also know that they are most likely going to be used to spread a little joy into the world, rather than mere – albeit essential – functionality. And that’s because there’s very little you’d want to use wine bottle boxes for except to send someone some wine.

Trusting anything made of glass to the postal service or even the most assiduous of couriers is necessarily an exercise in trust. ‘Fragile’ or ‘Glass: Handle With Care’ labels should alert those delivering them to the fact that these cartons are not to be used in any re-enactment of key moments in the England rugby team’s latest defeat, but a little extra consideration should not go amiss.


Chateau Davpack

Our most popular range is boxes plus cell dividers for either six or twelve wine bottles. Available immediately from stock, these are strong cartons which will prevent the contents rattling against each other in transit. They’ve been designed with the averagely sized and shaped wine bottle in mind, but if you want the same concept for different bottles – champagne or single malt whisky, for instance – we’ll be more than happy to quote to make them for you. If you want to go down this route, samples of the intended contents are always useful, and if they get broken during our rigorous testing procedure and we are unable to return them, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a price worth paying for your subsequent peace of mind.

For the ultimate in protection, however, you can’t do better than our wine bottle postal boxes. They’re not just made from strong double wall cardboard, they also come complete with a specially constructed pulp moulding to further shield the contents from the bumps, knocks and rugby tackles of everyday transportation. These are available in six different sizes, so we’re sure to have one that’s right for you.

To find out more about our corking choice of bottle boxes, just plonk yourself down in front of your computer and follow your nose to our website. There you’ll find tuns of options to tickle your packaging palate, and it will only take a sec for you to reserve some ready for next day delivery!


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