Why should I buy an econoBOOK?

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Often referred to as postal wraps, econoBOOK packaging is uniquely built to protect and restrict movement by using folding arms to cushion the enclosed item and reduce void space. This not only secures the package, but by reinforcing the corners this form of packaging is extremely durable when undertaking the transit journey and being posted through a letter box.

One of the greatest benefits the econoBOOK has is the overlapping flap arm. This not only acts as a deterrent for unauthorised access, but by packing the product as neatly as possible this eliminates empty space and saves on postage costs.

Many senders use card envelopes and Jiffy bags rather than appropriate specialist packaging to send their books, in attempt to use the ‘one for all’ packaging principle, which isn’t usually the most cost efficient with regards to the packaging itself, and the prevention of damage / issuing replacements.

Failing to invest time in researching options that can best suit individual business needs can increase return rates, rather than understanding the packaging options available and increasing customer satisfaction.

Davpack’s book packaging range is designed to tightly adhere to the shape of the book being posted. This will primarily avoid the pain of posting air, offers increased strength and keeps the item free from creases. In addition to this, the econoBOOK range requires no additional packaging material, lest you wish to add custom tape as an extra level of security whilst promoting your brand.

Available from 79p each, this cost effective alternative is available with or without a self- seal adhesive strip, in brown or white, with either options both featuring in-built creases for easy fold and quick assembly. For heavier items such as ring binder files or recipe books the premium branded range features double seal options for easy returns processing, simple opening instructions for the recipient as well as variable creases that can be adjusted to fit the enclosed item irrespective of height.

Supplied flat packed in packs of 20, the plain book wrap mailers are a perfect solution for posting repackaged items through the post discretely. With these convenient pack quantities, the tedious task of managing stock levels is alleviated, while convenience is increased with orders before 3pm on a working day are usually dispatched the same working day and delivered the next!

By simply reviewing your packaging choices, you can not only assess which options best suit your product profiles more effectively, but with simple adjustments, a real difference can be made to your postage cost saving, efficiency and returns rate.

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*Minimum £50 spend value excludes VAT and carriage. Offer ends on 31/07/17. See our website for more info. All prices exclude VAT. For more details see page 2 of our catalogue and our T&C’s. Stock orders received by 3pm normally dispatched same working day on a standard next day service. E&OE. For general information and enquiries please call or visit www.davpack.co.uk



At Davpack, our econoRANGE is designed to provide cost effective packaging to cover all manner of products, cardboard boxes and void fill to econoKRAFT paper. Be sure to peruse our full collection at www.davpack.co.uk/econo-range and keep your businesses packaging cost controlled.

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