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If you have one of the largest selections of in-stock single and double wall cardboard boxes in the country (we’re talking 0201 regular slotted containers or cartons here, rather than postal boxes and the like), you’re naturally going to want to shout about it.

There is, however, a downside to that, because it involves an awful lot of counting and checking. It also means that every time we increase those numbers, we have to track down every mention of them on our website and blog, to update them accordingly.

We generally try to provide an accurate guide rather than an exact number, to allow for minor adjustments. Up until recently, that meant we were saying that we had over 190 single wall sizes and 140 double wall.

The other week, though, we introduced a whole lot more to the range, so that as of today (23 May 2013), you will now find exactly 223 different sizes in our single wall cardboard boxes section, and 178 double wall corrugated cartons. You won’t find those exact numbers anywhere else – we’ll use guide numbers of ‘over 200’ and ‘over 170’. However you look at it, though, that’s a lot of choice – but it still doesn’t paint the whole picture!

Because we haven’t included in those numbers our long boxes, garment boxes, heavy duty double wall boxes, triple wall boxes, non-standard size boxes, tall boxes or flat boxes. All of these are just the same kind of box as the others, we just like to split them up into more convenient categories to help you find what you need more easily.

So taking all those into account (but still not counting white boxes which, apart from a few of the bigger sellers, we make to order so that they reach you all clean and sparking white!), I reckon that makes a grand total of 616 in-stock 0201 boxes available from Davpack. Don’t hold me to that exact number, but over 600 choices is a pretty accurate guide.

The upshot of all this is that we’re more confident than ever that we now have not just one of the largest, but probably the largest selection of in-stock cardboard boxes and cartons in the country, and that really is something worth shouting about. Just don’t expect those exact numbers to stay like that for very long…

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Remy Courtois

Remy has been a contributing author since late 2011, when he arrived at Davpack from a major packaging competitor. Originally a product buyer with many years of specialist knowledge in the fields of custom cardboard boxes and corrugated products, Remy now combines his purchasing and literary skills to maximum effect in our marketing team as a content writer. Born to French and British parents in Nottingham, Remy had a bilingual upbringing and has lived for the past twelve years just South of Paris. He presently commutes twice a month to France but is in the process of re-locating to his birthplace. Davpack

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