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Crane Scales

Weighing scales are widely used in commercial industries and are heavily relied upon to calculate mass or measure weights. As a another type of weighing scale, crane scales known as hook on scales, act as a medium between heavy and bulky items, by simply hooking on and measuring the given item. Varying according to capacity and readability these cranes scales are ideal for industrial use, designed to provide information in a more efficient manner. With readbilities from 0.2kg our crane scale range have the ability to measure items weighing up to 10,000kg. Asides the distinguished hook look, these crane scales have reliable battery source and come with a remote control useful for independent use. Why not browse over our crane scale range and assess against your current needs.

  1. Industrial Crane Scales

    Industrial Crane Scales

    Up to 10,000kg
  2. Electronic Crane Scales

    Electronic Crane Scales

    Up to 5000kg