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Retail Scales

Quality scales for supermarkets, greengrocers, retail shops and stalls

Here you'll find retail weighing scales perfectly designed for a range of uses in shops, stores and market stalls of all kinds. We have digital retail scales with pre-programmed unit prices making calculating the final price a doddle and traditional suspended retail scales you find in supermarkets and fruit and veg stores up and down the country! Some even come with optional scoops, making them ideal for use as food weighing scales or sweet shop scales. For all your retail supplies, from packaging and weighing scales to carrier bags and cash registers, Davpack is the only place you need to shop!

  1. CAS ER Junior Retail Weighing Scales

    CAS ER Junior Retail Weighing Scales

    2 Choices Available
  2. CAS AP Retail Scales

    CAS AP Retail Scales

    2 Choices Available