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Martor Used Blade Container

Safe disposal of your used blades


Fill the used blade container with the blades from your safety knives that are ready for replacement. Once the box is full, turn the lid fully until it shuts, locking it in place and making this unable to be re-opened. The used blade container can then be safety disposed of in general waste, preventing the risk of injury.

Measuring 107 x 105 x 210mm, this used blade container weighs 260g and is manufactured from tough plastic to ensure any used blades are unable to cut through and injure the user. Capacity of 1.54L.

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  • Ensures safe disposal of used blades
  • Locks in place to enable container to be disposed of in general waste
  • Capacity of 1.54L
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  • Measures 107 x 105 x 210mm
  • Capacity of 1.54L
  • Fill with used blades ready for replacement to store safely before disposal
  • Shut lid fully once the capacity is reached, to seal the container completely
  • Able to be disposed of in general waste once the lid is fully locked

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