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Standard 25mm Steel Strapping Safety Cutter

Features rubber clamps for cutting steel strapping safely


A specially designed safety cutter for steel strapping, suitable for a variety of applications, including cutting strapping from the coil or dispenser, cutting strapping to length, trimming excess steel strapping, and as a cutter for metal strapping under tension. These steel strapping cutters

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  • Rubber clamps for safe cutting
  • Long handles and strong blade
  • Cuts steel strap up to 25mm wide
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have rubber pads that clamp the strapping either side of the cutter blade, which allow the operator to cut metal strapping safely, even under tension. The rubber pads automatically grip the steel strapping while it is cut, thereby preventing any dangerous recoiling of sharp ends. These safety steel strapping cutters are an essential item for any warehouse, in both the despatch and goods in areas. They cut strapping up to 25mm wide and have long handles for easy and smooth operation.



  • Safety cutters for steel strapping
  • Cutter automatically grips either side of the blade to hold loose sharp end
  • 25mm cutter width
  • Long handles and strong blade for clean cutting action
  • Essential item that won't break the budget
  • Ideal for use with ribbon wound and oscillated would steel strapping
  • Cutter tool can be used to open crates and pallets safely
  • Helps to dispense and trim steel strapping without waste
  • Big range of steel strapping cutters, tools, seals etc. in stock
  • Low prices on these popular cutter tools - only from Davpack

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