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Accessories For GPT555 Tape Dispenser

Foot pedals, code taper and tape aerial for the GPT555 tape dispenser


Now you can take even more of the effort out of carton sealing, with hands-free operation of your automatic gummer paper tape dispenser and in line printing of your custom message on the tape with these accessories for the GPT555 tape dispenser.

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  • For even faster, easier taping
  • Fast dispatch & delivery every time
  • Top value on dispenser accessories
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Tape Aerial - creases moistened tape as it is dispensed from your automatic tape dispenser for instant, trouble-free application. Center tape scoring permits accurate placement assuring equal tape coverage on package flaps for optimum sealing strength.

Code Taper - imprints the tape with your custom message as the tape is dispensed from your automatic gummed tape dispenser. The code taper Improves productivity and reduces costs by eliminating manual marking, stenciling and stamping of packages.

Foot Pedal - single and dual foot pedals are available for your automatic gummed tape dispenser to enable hands-free operation, leaving both hands free for carton sealing. The dual foot pedal allows two pre-set lengths to be dispensed hands-free, thereby improving the efficiency of your packing operation.



  • Tape aerial for easy and even gummed tape application
  • Code taper - to automatically print your message
  • Foot pedals for hands-free dispensing
  • Gummed paper tape is a strong and eco friendly packaging tape
  • Automatic gummed paper tape dispenser - for high speed packing
  • Electronic programmable dispenser with easy set up
  • Fast automatic tape dispensing
  • Improve your productivity today with these tape dispenser accessories

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