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Tapes & Dispensers

When it comes to adhesives, tapes and dispensers, you won’t find more choice anywhere

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Whatever you need to secure, seal or make safe, we can provide the answer with our extensive selecttape guide logoion of quality adhesive packing tape, along with a full range of guns and dispensers, designed to ensure your tape is applied quickly, evenly and neatly. Whether you’re after a cheap but effective polypropylene tape, the highest quality branded tape made by trusted names, or specialised tapes such as vinyl tape, filament tape, strapping, masking and double sided tape, we always have the best deals, with up to 30% off our already low prices when you buy in bulk.


Unsure about which packaging tape is right for you? Our helpful guide will tell you which adhesive tape you need.

  1. Sale Paper Tape & Dispensers

    Paper Tape & Dispensers

    16 Variations View Range
  2. Sale Polypropylene Tape

    Polypropylene Tape

    10 Variations View Range
  3. Sale Vinyl & Special Tape

    Vinyl & Special Tape

    13 Variations View Range
  4. Custom Printed Tape

    Custom Printed Tape

    5 Variations View Range
  5. Tape Guns & Dispensers

    Tape Guns & Dispensers

    19 Variations View Range
  6. Message & Printed Packaging Tape

    Message & Printed Packaging Tape

    4 Variations View Range
  7. Glass Reinforced Filament Tape

    Glass Reinforced Filament Tape

    3 Variations View Range
  8. Sale Hook & Loop Tape

    Hook & Loop Tape

    2 Variations View Range
  9. Floor & Hazard Tape

    Floor & Hazard Tape

    12 Variations View Range
  10. Strapping Tape

    Strapping Tape

    2 Variations View Range
  11. Glue Dots

    Glue Dots

    2 Variations View Range
  12. GHS Hazard Symbols & Labels

    GHS Hazard Symbols & Labels

    10 Variations View Range
  13. Shipping Labels

    Shipping Labels

    4 Variations View Range
  14. Transit Monitor Labels

    Transit Monitor Labels

    4 Variations View Range
  15. Sale Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

    Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

    8 Variations View Range
  16. Box Taping Machines

    Box Taping Machines

    3 Variations View Range

With nearly everything in this section kept permanently in stock, the chances are that when you place an order with us, you’ll get delivery on the very next working day.


It’s not just tape that you’ll find here. There’s also great selection of other means of sealing cartons, sticking things down and making sure that those delivering and receiving your parcels know if they need special or careful handling. That includes high strength and fast acting glue sticks, plus of course the glue guns to go with them, along with shipping labels warning of fragile goods, goods that needs to go a certain way up and dangerous and hazardous loads.


Meanwhile, if you’d like to discover more about the invention of ‘pressure sensitive tape’ – a handy catch-all phrase covering all the different kinds of tape in this section, head over to our blog to read our Great Moments in Packaging article.