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Message & Printed Packaging Tape

Clear delivery of your handling message to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel

Our printed packaging tape does two key jobs at once – ensuring your parcels are securely closed and alerting anyone handling them that special care needs to be taken. We keep a wide range of pre-printed warnings, cautions and handling instructions in stock on both polypropylene and vinyl tape, so that you never have to wait to get the right printed tape with the right message for your product, application and storage conditions. All are supplied in packs of 36 rolls to ensure you get best value, although smaller quantities of some options are also available. Don’t forget that if the message you want to get across isn’t listed here, or you want your tape personalised with your company name or logo, we are also leading suppliers of custom printed packaging tape.

  1. Vinyl Message Tape

    Vinyl Message Tape

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  2. Polypropylene Message Tape

    Polypropylene Message Tape

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  3. Printed Tape

    Printed Tape

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  4. Paper Fragile Tape

    Paper Fragile Tape

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When you have handling instructions you need to get clearly and quickly across to anyone dealing with your parcel, our polypropylene and vinyl printed tape provides the ideal solution. With bright red letters on a white background, no one will miss the important message you attach to the cardboard boxes containing your fragile goods. Our range of pre-printed tape includes messages such as Fragile, Handle With Care, Advice Note Enclosed etc. Don't take a chance - get your message tape from Davpack today and save money with our generous discounts on large orders!