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At Davpack we have one of the UK’s biggest ranges of in-stock cardboard boxes available online to solve any packaging, storage or shipping problem. For choice, value and quality of cardboard boxes we are unrivalled. We have literally hundreds of sizes of single, double and triple wall boxes in our warehouse, ready for immediate dispatch. So when it comes to finding the right size of cardboard cartons, you need look no further.

You can buy corrugated boxes from Davpack in small or large quantities, from packs of 5 boxes to full pallet deliveries. We are also a cardboard box manufacturer, so you can buy direct and save money and time. All our cardboard boxes are covered by our money-back guarantee and automatic online savings. We have a range of 100% recycled boxes, as well as environmentally friendly packaging - offering ways to reduce, replace, re-use or recycle to help make your business more eco-friendly.


If have any further questions regarding our corrugated cardboard boxes that aren't already on the product pages, you should check out our FAQs About Corrugated Cardboard Boxes page!

  1. Sale Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

    Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

    21 Variations View Range
  2. Sale Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

    Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

    17 Variations View Range
  3. Sale Triple Wall Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

    Triple Wall Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

    1 Variations View Range
  4. Sale Long Cardboard Boxes

    Long Cardboard Boxes

    4 Variations View Range
  5. Sale Cardboard Boxes With Lids

    Cardboard Boxes With Lids

    16 Variations View Range
  6. Sale Shipping Boxes

    Shipping Boxes

    8 Variations View Range
  7. Pallet Boxes & Pallets

    Pallet Boxes & Pallets

    9 Variations View Range
  8. Custom Printed Boxes

    Custom Printed Boxes

    4 Variations View Range
  9. Archive Storage Boxes

    Archive Storage Boxes

    14 Variations View Range
  10. Sale Bottle Packaging

    Bottle Packaging

    10 Variations View Range
  11. Boxes With Foam Inserts

    Boxes With Foam Inserts

    7 Variations View Range
  12. Sale Postal Boxes

    Postal Boxes

    37 Variations View Range
  13. Sale Delivery Boxes

    Delivery Boxes

    9 Variations View Range
  14. Courier Packaging

    Courier Packaging

    3 Variations View Range
  15. Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

    Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

    8 Variations View Range
  16. Sale Small Cardboard Boxes

    Small Cardboard Boxes

    3 Variations View Range
  17. Packaging & Boxes for Moving House

    Packaging & Boxes for Moving House

    27 Variations View Range
  18. Anti Static Boxes

    Anti Static Boxes

    1 Variations View Range
  19. Sale UN Approved Packaging

    UN Approved Packaging

    5 Variations View Range
  20. Cardboard Box Pallet Deals

    Cardboard Box Pallet Deals

    3 Variations View Range

Why not start by visiting our two most popular ranges, with over 600 in-stock sizes!

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

And if you still can’t find the cardboard boxes you need, our custom box service is second to none. With a guarantee of quality and a determination to beat any other price, we’re the number one choice for businesses up and down the country.

custom cardboard boxes

Find out more about custom cardboard boxes or custom printed boxes.

For technical information and tips, check out our blog articles on cardboard boxes or give our friendly packaging experts a call on 01332 821200 or simply get in touch here. You can read about how cardboard boxes have changed the packaging industry, why cardboard is used for packaging, or even find alternatives to cardboard boxes for ecommerce sellers.


Looking for cardboard boxes in Europe? Have a look at our range of Wellpapplådor in Sweden, as well as our range of Kartons in Germany!


What boxes do I need? A quick guide

Single Wall Boxes 10kg Double Wall Boxes 30kg Triple Wall Boxes 50kg

Single wall cardboard boxes - Ideal boxes for general stock & dispatch packing, holds up to 10kg.



Double wall cardboard boxes - Ideal for more heavy duty applications and can hold up to 30kg.



Triple wall cardboard boxes - Perfect for those shipping very heavy or bulky items, can hold up to 50kg.


With larger cardboard boxes you should upgrade the board from single to double wall, and for very large or extra strong boxes, upgrade to triple wall boxes. When loading carboard boxes please ensure the weight is evenly dispered.


Huge choice of Cardboard Box Styles at Davpack...

The largest in-stock choice of cardboard boxes in the UK - find the style that's right for you!

Telescopic Boxes Postal Boxes Bottle Boxes Delivery Boxes
Telescopic Boxes Postal Boxes Bottle Boxes Delivery Boxes


Never run out of cardboard boxes!

When you buy your cardboard boxes from Davpack, you need never run out – we hold massive stock, so you don’t have to, and generally ship same working day on an overnight delivery.

That means your cardboard boxes normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

Our cartons come in all shapes and sizes for all applications, from low cost removal boxes to the strongest export shipping cartons around, and from extra long boxes to beautiful gift boxes.