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Courier Packaging

Packaging designed so you can make the most of your available packing space with your courier of choice!

Our Range of courier packaging caters to a variety of different courier companies such as Hermes, DPD and DHL. These cardboard boxes are designed specifically to make the most of the maximum parcel sizes that each courier allows, giving you plenty of room to use with your courier of choice. Most of our courier packaging is made from double wall corrugated cardboard, giving you extra protection for your products from impacts as well as the ability to hold more weight. Thanks to the strong corrugated material, these double wall boxes can hold up to a massive 30kg.  Our boxes are easy to construct and securely seal at both ends with your choice of packing tape, ready to send on their way.

  1. Hermes Parcel Sized Boxes

    Hermes Parcel Sized Boxes

    6 sizes available
  2. DPD Sized Boxes

    DPD Sized Boxes

    4 sizes available
  3. DHL Sized Packaging

    DHL Sized Packaging

    11 sizes available

All these boxes are manufactured by us, so if you can’t find the right size box that you’re looking for we can have it made for you. Just give us a call on 01332 821 200 or use our live web chat tool to get in contact with us and we will give you a free quote on a variety of different styles and sizes of boxes.