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When Davpack was created in Derby in 1968 as the Davenport Paper Company, our main trade was in brown paper bags for retail. Retail packaging is still a key sector for us, but today we supply retail bags in all styles, shapes and sizes, including brown, white and coloured paper carrier bags with folded or twisted handles. We’re also now a major supplier of plain and patterned, recycled and degradable plastic carrier bags. And don’t forget that you can also get custom printed bags to promote your brand or business. For those selling fresh food and produce, there’s an extensive choice of food packaging bags and containers ideal for keeping them fresh and looking delicious. Other shop equipment available here includes Samsung, Sharp and Casio cash registers, retail weighing scales and price labelling taggers and guns.

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What do you want from a carrier bag?

How you hand your goods over to your customer says a lot about you and your business. Perhaps you need to keep your retail packaging costs to the absolute minimum, so you can do the same with your prices and stay one step ahead of the competition. Alternatively, you might view the packaging as part of the whole shopping experience, another way of letting the customer feel that they are buying something special. Maybe you see your shopping bag as part of your marketing strategy – getting the name of your business out and about so that as many people as possible are aware that it exists. You might be selling something fragile or easily damaged, in which case your main priority will be doing everything you can to help your customer get their new purchase home in one piece. Or it could be that the effect your business is having on the environment is what matters most – to you and your customers!


Whatever you want – we’ve got it!

Well, whichever of the above best describes you, we can help! As the leading supplier of packaging for retail stores across the UK, we have one of the widest selections of packaging solutions around. Let’s go through the options above again and see which of our huge range of plastic and paper carrier bags will best do the job for you. If economy is the first thing you look for, then look no further than our white vest plastic carrier bags, our lowest priced option. Here you’ll find bags at less than ¾ of a penny each! With a thickness of 8 microns, they’re not suitable for heavy or sharp items, but for lighter products you won’t find a cheaper bag. And they won’t hurt the environment either, because they’re fully recyclable! For grocery shopping, we think that the 14 micron version of the same bag offers the best value, with prices starting from just over 1p a bag. Other budget options include the striped vest carrier bag or, for heavier objects including bottles, the take away plastic carrier.


Shopping bags you’ll be proud to give your customers!

At the other end of the scale, style and quality are represented by our range of paper carrier bags which come with a massive choice of colours and designs. For the ultimate in retail packing style, our custom printed carriers start from about 10.3p a bag – that’s an incredible 50% saving on the basic price for large orders. Promoting your business on your retail packaging doesn’t need to add significantly to your costs. 18 micron custom printed carrier bags may cost under 2p each to have your design printed on one side. Give us a call on 01332 821200 to find out more about the best way to promote your business name, logo or message.


Pack up your shopping in a Davpack bag – and smile, smile, smile!

If strength and reliability are what you are after, you’ll want to check out our strong paper bags made from heavy gauge 70 gsm natural kraft brown paper, which is either 100% recycled or produced from sustainable forests. You can be sure you won’t be hurting the environment whichever of our plastic and paper carrier bags you buy, but some are friendlier to it than others! Our fully degradable carrier bags are also 100% compostable – and a big friendly message on the side will make sure your customers know too! We also like these strong and stylish brown paper shopping bags, which are not only recyclable and biodegradable – they’re made from 75% recycled material as well!


Quality and value – all wrapped up at Davpack!

That’s just scratched the surface of what we have to offer – there are far too many different options to go into here! If we haven’t mentioned what you want from your retail packaging supplier, then either check out our full range here – or give us a call on 01332 821200 to discuss your requirements.