Food Packaging

Keeping fresh and takeaway food ready to eat and looking great

Great value packaging solutions for those selling all kinds of fresh food, from meat, fish and cheese to fruit, vegetables and takeaway snacks. Most of these items are kept in stock at all times, so you can order them when you need them and get them delivered super quick! And don’t forget that all our clear polythene bags (to be found in the Polythene Packaging section of our website) are also food grade and therefore ideal for packaging food for human (or animal!) consumption!
  1. Sandwich Containers

    Sandwich Containers

    From Only 5p Each
  2. Baguette Containers

    Baguette Containers

    From Only 15p Each
  3. Food Display And Storage Containers

    Food Display And Storage Containers

    From Only 5p Each
  4. Salad & Deli Containers

    Salad & Deli Containers

    From Only 9p Each
  5. Ready Meal Containers

    Ready Meal Containers

    From Only 11p Each
  6. Brown Film Front Bags

    Brown Film Front Bags

    4 Sizes In Stock
  7. White Film Front Bags

    White Film Front Bags

    16 Sizes In Stock
  8. Greaseproof Film Front Bags

    Greaseproof Film Front Bags

    4 Sizes In Stock
  9. Roll Vest Carriers

    Roll Vest Carriers

    2 Choices Available
  10. Bags On A Roll - Plain

    Bags On A Roll - Plain

    3 Choices Available
  11. Super HD Counter Bags

    Super HD Counter Bags

    9 Choices Available
  12. High Density Sheets

    High Density Sheets

    2 Choices Available
  13. Potato Bags

    Potato Bags

    View Range
Davpack’s range of food packaging and plastic food containers with lids is the ideal choice for any store or supermarkets selling fresh sandwiches, groceries and other produce, as well as delicatessen, fish, meat and cheese counters. From sandwich packaging that will present your products in the most appetising light to plastic takeaway boxes or ready meal packaging suitable for any supplier of prepared food, our plastic food containers cover every angle. Our baguette packaging comes in three sizes, while our plastic salad containers, also ideal for delicatessen items such as olives and pasta, comes in too many shapes and sizes to adequately describe here!