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Paper Bags

Top quality retail paper bags at low low prices!

Paper bags are essential for retail shops and stores right across the country, and you won’t find a better place to get them than at Davpack! There’s a great range of styles and sizes to choose from, the majority of which are available straight from stock. On top of our already very competitive prices, you can make even greater savings with our quantity discounts.


As plastic bags continue to be the target of environmental campaigners everywhere, their paper equivalents are making a real comeback, especially at Davpack. Reduce your impact on the environment with our striking, functional and dependable paper bags.

  1. Sale Brown Paper Bags

    Brown Paper Bags

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  2. Sale White Paper Bags

    White Paper Bags

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  3. Sale Block Bottom Paper Bags

    Block Bottom Paper Bags

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  4. Paper Satchel Bags

    Paper Satchel Bags

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  5. Patterned Paper Bags

    Patterned Paper Bags

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  6. Brown Paper Sandwich Bags

    Brown Paper Sandwich Bags

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    White Paper Sandwich Bags

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  8. Custom Printed Paper Bags

    Custom Printed Paper Bags

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Paper bag choices

Our paper bags are designed with functionality in mind and, as a result, are ideal for a diverse range of purposes. These come in a variety of designs, too. Our paper satchel bags, patterned paper bags and white paper bags are all unique in terms of size, colour and function, so you can shop with as many choices as possible. You can even have your own designs printed on our custom-printed paper bags to reinforce your brand’s image.


Brown paper bags

Ideal for those who are in the retail industry, we offer brown paper bags that you can rely on for their functionality. Strung at the top corner to allow them to be hung from a hook and glued at the seams for increased durability, our brown paper bags and brown paper sandwich bags won’t let you down.


Eco-friendly packaging

We’re always producing eco-friendly packaging to help reduce both our and your impact on the planet at Davpack. Our brown paper bags are made from recycled brown kraft paper to reduce our use of raw materials. Our block bottom paper bags take it another step further, as they are fully biodegradable and widely recyclable too. Shop knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment with us. 


Same-day shipping

Here at Davpack, we’re reliable suppliers of paper bags. We have an enormous stock and generally ship the same working day on overnight delivery, which means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

For any technical information and tips, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our friendly packaging experts at 01332 821200.