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Plastic Carrier Bags

Wholesale plastic carrier bags with big, big savings!

You won’t find a cheaper retail packaging solution than plastic bags, but that doesn’t mean it has to be low on quality! Just take a look at the huge range we have available for immediate dispatch and rapid delivery and you may be surprised to discover what you can get for your money. And whether you want an everyday, economic plastic bag, a superstrong varigauge carrier bag or one of our ecofriendly degradable plastic bags, you’ll get even better value if you take advantage of the generous discounts you can get on bigger orders, with up to 20% off the starting price!

  1. White Plastic Carrier Bags

    White Plastic Carrier Bags

    4 Sizes In Stock
  2. Recycled Plastic Carrier Bags

    Recycled Plastic Carrier Bags

    3 Sizes In Stock
  3. Potato Starch Carrier Bags

    Potato Starch Carrier Bags

    100% Compostable
  4. Degradable Plastic Carrier Bags

    Degradable Plastic Carrier Bags

    2 Sizes In Stock
  5. Striped Plastic Carrier Bags

    Striped Plastic Carrier Bags

    1 Sizes In Stock
  6. Patterned Plastic Carrier Bags

    Patterned Plastic Carrier Bags

    2 Sizes In Stock
  7. White Plastic Takeaway Bags

    White Plastic Takeaway Bags

    3 Sizes In Stock
  8. Varigauge Plastic Bags

    Varigauge Plastic Bags

    10 Sizes In Stock
  9. Coloured Plastic Bags

    Coloured Plastic Bags

    View Range
  10. Patch Handle Plastic Bags

    Patch Handle Plastic Bags

    2 Sizes In Stock
  11. Custom Printed Vest Carrier Plastic Bags

    Custom Printed Vest Carrier Plastic Bags

    From Only 2p/Bag
  12. Custom Printed Varigauge Degradable Plastic Bags

    Custom Printed Varigauge Degradable Plastic Bags

    From Only 6p/Bag

There's still a demand for strong and cheap plastic carrier bags among retailers, and you won’t get them faster or better value than at Davpack. With patterned carrier bags, striped carrier bags and basic white plastic carrier bags in a range of styles ideal for all kinds of groceries, supermarkets, takeaways and off licences, we’re the retail packaging suppliers of choice for hundreds of stores right across the UK. You’ll also find strong varigauge bags and fashionable patch handled carriers used by clothes and gift shops. While the relative merits of different kinds of retail shopping bags continue to spark debate, Davpack’s biodegradable carrier bags will ensure your conscience is clean. And don’t forget to check out our custom printed carrier bags section, where you might find having your very own branded carriers doesn’t cost as much as you think!