Cardboard Boxes With Lids

Popular cardboard boxes with lids at fantastic prices

Davpack stocks boxes and packaging for all occasions, and here you’ll find an extensive range of cardboard boxes with lids. As with so many of our products, we keep these in stock, so that if you place an order before 3pm on any working day, we’ll have it picked, packed and dispatched the same afternoon. All our prices are very competitive but you can save up to 25% by taking advantage of our popular quantity discounts!

  1. Brown Telescopic Boxes

    Brown Telescopic Boxes

    10 Sizes In Stock
  2. White Telescopic Boxes

    White Telescopic Boxes

    13 Sizes In Stock
  3. Self-Assembly Telescopic Boxes

    Self-Assembly Telescopic Boxes

    8 Sizes Available
  4. Printers Boxes

    Printers Boxes

    10 Sizes In Stock
  5. Picture Frame Boxes

    Picture Frame Boxes

    32 Sizes In Stock
  6. Brown Garment Boxes

    Brown Garment Boxes

    5 Sizes In Stock
  7. White Garment Boxes

    White Garment Boxes

    5 Sizes In Stock
  8. Cardboard Shoe Boxes

    Cardboard Shoe Boxes

    4 Sizes In Stock
  9. White Shoe Boxes

    White Shoe Boxes

    3 Sizes In Stock
  10. Coloured Boxes With Lids

    Coloured Boxes With Lids

    6 Sizes In Stock
  11. Solid Board Boxes With Lids

    Solid Board Boxes With Lids

    5 Sizes In Stock
  12. Mottled Solid Board Boxes

    Mottled Solid Board Boxes

    7 Sizes In Stock
  13. Easypac Stationery Boxes

    Easypac Stationery Boxes

    5 Sizes In Stock
  14. Tray Cap & Sleeve Boxes

    Tray Cap & Sleeve Boxes

    3 Sizes In Stock

A range of cardboard boxes designed for particular jobs - but all with the strength and flexibility to do much more! From telescopic boxes that can adjust their height to suit the size of the contents to printers boxes (aka ream boxes), originally intended for holding sheets of paper, but which are equally suitable for any number of items. There's also a range of boxes for packaging, storing and transporting clothes, including garment boxes- one of our best-selling items! - and shoe boxes, both available in white or brown cardboard and in a number of popular sizes.