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Small Cardboard Boxes

Because even your small parts, products and components need looking after

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Whether you want to use them as inner packaging in larger cartons, storage for small parts in your warehouse or workshop, or packaging for gifts, this range of small cardboard boxes contains strength, style and a conveniently small amount of internal space. That means you won’t have to use too much in the way of extra packaging to stop them moving about. Made from either solid board or chipboard, they’re also stronger than they look, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged either. All these items are usually in stock, meaning we'll aim to dispatch the same or next working day!

  1. Sale White Component Boxes

    White Component Boxes

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  2. Long Tuck Chipboard Boxes

    Long Tuck Chipboard Boxes

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  3. Lock End Chipboard Cartons

    Lock End Chipboard Cartons

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Solid board and chipboard provides flexible yet reliably strong alternatives to corrugated cardboard, and are ideal for making small cardboard boxes. Our selection has been chosen to provide you with the right solution, whatever your packaging problem. Our small white boxes have been made from solid board and come in 18 stock sizes, ideal for packaging and storing everything from gifts to rubber bands. The ‘long tuck’ in our long tuck chipboard boxes provides extra layers which in turn give the boxes extra strength – they’re traditionally used in the engineering industry for storing heavy parts like nuts and bolts. Finally, our lock end chipboard boxes have a secure interlocking closure top and bottom and come in 23 sizes.