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Storage Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes that will improve your organisation and storage, whether in the office or at home!

Whether you are sorting and transferring files, moving house, or re-organising items within your home, they can all be slow and tedious processes. Davpack has found a way to make moving and storage a lot easier for you with our storage boxes collection! Our range of corrugated cardboard cartons includes strong, durable, and stackable boxes that you can rely on for safe transmission and collection of your files, clothes, or house objects. What’s more, a large number of our boxes include cut-out carry holes for improved ease of movement. Our line of storage boxes will reduce stress levels whilst organising or moving through increasing efficiency, speed of packing, and being stable boxes that don’t break when under pressure!

  1. Cartons - Single Wall EconoBoxes

    Cartons - Single Wall EconoBoxes

    13 Sizes In Stock
  2. Econobox Double Wall Cartons

    Econobox Double Wall Cartons

    11 Sizes in stock
  3. Telescopic Corrugated Boxes - Single Wall

    Telescopic Corrugated Boxes - Single Wall

    20+ Sizes In Stock
  4. Large Telescopic Boxes - Double Wall

    Large Telescopic Boxes - Double Wall

    35+ Sizes In Stock
  5. Cardboard Archive Boxes

    Cardboard Archive Boxes

    1 Size Available
  6. Davpack Cardboard Transfer Files

    Davpack Cardboard Transfer Files

    View Range
  7. Cardboard Record Storage Boxes

    Cardboard Record Storage Boxes

    2 Sizes In Stock
  8. Boxes For Moving - Small

    Boxes For Moving - Small

    View Range
  9. Removal Boxes - Medium

    Removal Boxes - Medium

    View Range
  10. Large Moving Boxes

    Large Moving Boxes

    View Range
  11. Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

    Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

    View Range

We also have two other large ranges involving boxes for moving house and archive storage boxes! Where you will find secure cartons and useful kits including acrylic tape that are handy for moving accommodation or workplaces. Within the archive sector, there is a more in-depth variety of products. Including coloured storage boxes that will provide you with high levels of strength whilst having an attractive appearance!


Don’t forget that when you order your storage boxes before 2:30 pm Monday-Friday, you’ll be able to start your packing, storing, and filing the very next day! Moreover, when you buy in bulk, your items can quantify for generous discounts. With Davpack, you receive high-quality cardboard boxes at an incredible price. So, not only are we saving you time and effort with your moving and storage processes, but we also save you money. Choose Davpack as your packaging supplier today it is a choice you won’t regret – if you don’t believe us, simply read our reviews on Trustpilot!