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Pallet Boxes & Pallets

Pallet boxes and pallets for an easy export solution

Getting your items packed and ready for shipping abroad can be simple and trouble-free with our range of export-ready pallet boxes and pallets. From palletised boxes and cartons to lightweight alternatives to standard wooden pallets, we’re here to help you through the minefield of choosing the right export packaging for your business. This is some of the lowest priced export packaging available online in the UK – and you can save even more by taking advantage of our fantastic quantity discounts!

  1. Pallet Optimised Boxes

    Pallet Optimised Boxes

    26 Choices In Stock
  2. ColomPac® EuroBoxes

    ColomPac® EuroBoxes

    12 Sizes In-Stock
  3. Palletised Cap & Sleeve Boxes

    Palletised Cap & Sleeve Boxes

    8 Sizes In Stock
  4. Cap & Sleeve Shipping Boxes

    Cap & Sleeve Shipping Boxes

    4 Sizes In Stock
  5. Palletised Transit Cartons

    Palletised Transit Cartons

    4 Choices In Stock
  6. Sale Presswood Pallets

    Presswood Pallets

    6 Sizes In Stock
  7. Plastic Pallets

    Plastic Pallets

    3 Sizes In Stock
  8. Do Not Stack Cones

    Do Not Stack Cones

    In Stock
  9. Anti Slip Pallet Sheets

    Anti Slip Pallet Sheets

    2 Sizes Available

Pallets are one of those things that seem to be everywhere – except when you actually need one! Now they couldn’t be more convenient, because here you can get them attached to export strength boxes, all ready to be loaded and dispatched. And with many of our pallet boxes being supplied with heat treated or plywood pallets, that means you don’t have to worry about phytosanitary regulations when sending goods abroad. And if you just want export-ready pallets – well, we can help with those as well! Our nestable presswood and plastic pallets offer a strong but lightweight alternatives to wooden ones and are also a trouble-free exporting option.