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UN Approved Packaging

Best prices and quickest delivery on UN approved packaging

At Davpack, we offer UN-approved packaging that’s officially certified for hazardous goods transport within the EU. UN boxes, box liners and vermiculite (a highly absorbent alternative to standard polystyrene loose fill) are all available at competitive prices from our range of cardboard boxes and can usually be delivered to you on a next-working-day basis. If you’re sending items on the UN dangerous goods list within the EU, you must use the proper packaging, and now you can get it cheaper and faster from Davpack.


Shipping certain hazardous goods, such as flammable, toxic and corrosive substances, requires specialised packaging that meets strict United Nations criteria. This UN-certified packaging has to undergo stringent tests for stability and water absorption capacity. Our UN-approved boxes have complete 4-way approval and comply with the design requirements of 4G and 4GV. The respective reports and registration certificates for our boxes suitable for hazardous goods transport are available for download straight from the UN-Approved Boxes page.

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UN-approved packaging made easy

With our wide range of UN-approved packaging, you can make your UN delivery straightforward, streamlined, and fully compliant. Our range of products includes heavy-duty box liners that are ideal for damage and leak prevention, vermiculite which is highly absorbent and non-flammable, making it ideal for the safe transportation of dangerous liquids, and wide-neck plastic kegs designed for bulk storage and for transporting a range of solids.


UN-approved boxes

If you’re shipping packages by sea, air, or rail, it’s a necessity that your packages conform to strict UN standards. With our UN-approved packaging, you can rest assured knowing that your parcels will arrive safely and will meet all the requirements necessary for simple shipping.


UN-certified packaging

While it is essential that the UN-certified packaging you use is compliant with all the standards necessary, the quality of the boxes is just as important. With Davpack, you can be assured that your parcels will be kept secure with packaging that is robust, durable and able to withstand the transport process without any issues. 


Same-day shipping

Here at Davpack, we’re reliable suppliers of UN-approved packaging and boxes. We have an enormous stock and generally ship the same working day on overnight delivery, which means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

For any technical information and tips on UN-certified packaging, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our friendly packaging experts on 01332 821200.