Archive Storage Boxes

Cardboard archive boxes that will bring some order to your filing and storage

With the paper-free office still a dream for many businesses, Davpack has the ideal range of archive storage boxes designed to keep your records, documents, statements and files organised and accessible. Our solutions aren’t just tough and reliable, they’re great value; and with significant extra savings to be made on larger orders, not to mention rapid UK delivery thrown in for good measure, why would you want to go anywhere else for your archive storage needs?

  1. Cardboard Archive Storage Boxes

    Cardboard Archive Storage Boxes

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  2. Sale Cardboard Record Storage Boxes

    Cardboard Record Storage Boxes

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  3. Q-Connect® Archive Boxes

    Q-Connect® Archive Boxes

    5 Sizes Available
  4. Q-Connect® Transfer Cases

    Q-Connect® Transfer Cases

    2 Choices Available
  5. Q-Connect® Cardboard Filing Drawers

    Q-Connect® Cardboard Filing Drawers

    1 Size Available
  6. Q-Connect® Cardboard Magazine Holders

    Q-Connect® Cardboard Magazine Holders

    1 Size Available
  7. R-Kive® Archive Boxes

    R-Kive® Archive Boxes

    2 Choices Available
  8. R-Kive® Transfer Files

    R-Kive® Transfer Files

    2 Sizes Available
  9. R-Kive® Cardboard Storage Files

    R-Kive® Cardboard Storage Files

    1 Size Available
  10. R-Kive® Storage Boxes

    R-Kive® Storage Boxes

    5 Sizes Available
  11. R-Kive System Transfer Files

    R-Kive System Transfer Files

    2 Sizes Available
  12. R-Kive® Magazine Storage Boxes

    R-Kive® Magazine Storage Boxes

    1 Size Available
  13. R-Kive® File Storage Boxes

    R-Kive® File Storage Boxes

    4 Sizes Available
  14. R-Kive® Coloured Archive Boxes

    R-Kive® Coloured Archive Boxes

    4 Colours Available
  15. R-Kive® Coloured Transfer Files

    R-Kive® Coloured Transfer Files

    4 Colours Available

We're supposed to be living in the digital age, so why does there still have to be so much paperwork about? Well, we can't answer that, but what we can do is provide an answer to the problems of keeping it all organised! In this section, you'll find a wide selection of top quality cardboard storage boxes in a range of popular styles and sizes, all of which are ideal for general home and office file storage, document archiving and home filing of bills, statements and other important documents. With large panels that allow for the clear identification of contents, our cardboard archive boxes and document storage boxes are perfectly designed for making sure that your home and office filing stays organised and accessible. This part of our website is rounded off by a selection of magazine files, which will bring some order to your collections of magazines, catalogues, football and theatre programmes etc.