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Glass Reinforced Filament Tape

The tape to get when the toughest tape you have just isn't tough enough

For the strongest, most secure carton sealing suitable for export, this range of glass reinforced filament tape provides a reliably tough and tear-free solution. With an impressively high tensile strength and suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, it’s a flexible choice which can be used for various strapping, bundling, reinforcing and palletising applications. Using this glass filament tape can even save you money, as you need less than conventional tape for most packaging applications. Options include our strong and cost-effective Economy Filament Tape and Reinforced Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape. All products are in stock now and ready for immediate, same working day dispatch with discounts available of up to 15% on your larger orders.

  1. Self-Adhesive Reinforced Kraft Tape

    Self-Adhesive Reinforced Kraft Tape

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  2. 3M Cross Weave Filament Reinforced Tape

    3M Cross Weave Filament Reinforced Tape

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  3. Economy Filament Tape

    Economy Filament Tape

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You may think some of our other tapes are strong, but none of them compares to this. You can tear the average roll of tape with smart use of the teeth; try that with this reinforced tape and you might end up with your teeth forcibly extracted and stuck solidly to the still intact tape. This is seriously heavy duty tape that will stick to metals and plastics as well as cardboard. Enquire with Davpack today if you would like to find out more about these tapes or know which ones you need to buy!