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Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

Big savings available with our amazing offers on hot glue guns and glue gun sticks!

Hot glue guns and glue gun sticks can give a professional finish that will improve the presentation of your packing, products, or displays, as they allow you to create an invisible seal without using visible packaging tape, staples or polypropylene strapping. At Davpack, our selection of hot glue guns is built for industrial use and features ergonomic designs to ensure a comfortable grip for daily use. Our fantastic choice of multi-purpose glue sticks for hot glue guns is suitable for a variety of applications, including packaging, creating a strong and tamper-evident seal for your cartons.

  1. Multi-Purpose Hot Melt Adhesive

    Multi-Purpose Hot Melt Adhesive

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Ergonomic hot glue guns

At Davpack, our hot glue guns have been ergonomically designed to ensure they are light and comfortable to hold. This contoured grip allows for maximum productivity and user comfort, making them ideal for heavy-duty use. Clear and simple settings ensure easy and efficient use in busy workplaces.


Glue sticks for hot glue guns

Shop versatile glue gun sticks for invisible packaging solutions. Hot melt adhesives will also stick to plastic, polystyrene, and textiles, making them a great multi-purpose choice of hot melt glue. Here at Davpack, our range is available in a range of widths and quantities so you can find the ideal solution for your requirements.


Glue gun sticks for a professional finish

Avoid visible adhesives and choose a hot glue gun for an invisible and professional finish on your packages. Our glue sticks for hot glue guns are precision extruded to give a uniform width for uninterrupted carton glueing, ensuring a stable hold and reducing the risk of gaps and lumps of glue.


Same-day shipping

Here at Davpack, we’re reliable suppliers of hot glue guns and glue sticks. We have an enormous stock and generally ship the same working day on overnight delivery. That means your order will normally arrive within 24-48 hours!

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