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Staplers & Staples

Buy staplers, staples and staple removers at discount prices from Davpack

Here you'll find a vast selection of industrial staplers, predominantly for commercial and packaging use, but some are also handy in the home and office. When it comes to sealing cardboard boxes in the fastest, tidiest and most professional, secure manner possible, our range of carton staplers is hard to beat, for quality and price! From hand operated box staplers to pneumatic treadle cardboard staplers which assemble and staple up to 100 boxes an hour, we're bound to have the one that you need! For stapling insulation, plastic sheeting, upholstery etc, we have a range of staple tackers to make light of the heaviest workload. Plier staplers are good for home and office and we have models that are capable of stapling up to 70 sheets of paper at a time. And whichever stapler you buy, you'll need to make sure you get the right staples to go with it. Lastly, when you've finished all that stapling and you need to get the staples out again, we have one of the toughest staple removers on the market that will remove them from almost anything they can get into!

  1. Staple Remover

    Staple Remover

    Strong & Durable
  2. Rapid Plier Staplers

    Rapid Plier Staplers

    Tough & Reliable
  3. Rapid Plier Stapler With Anvil

    Rapid Plier Stapler With Anvil

    High Performance
  4. Stronghold Hammer Tacker

    Stronghold Hammer Tacker

    1 Choices In Stock
  5. Rapid R23/33 Hand Tackers

    Rapid R23/33 Hand Tackers

  6. Rapid R34 Hand Tacker

    Rapid R34 Hand Tacker

    Professional Quality
  7. Manual Carton Top Stapler

    Manual Carton Top Stapler

    Tidy & Strong
  8. Pneumatic Stapler

    Pneumatic Stapler

    Quick & Efficient
  9. Treadle Post Stapler

    Treadle Post Stapler

    Super Fast
  10. Pneumatic Treadle Stapler

    Pneumatic Treadle Stapler

    Quick & Robust
  11. Box Supports

    Box Supports

    2 Sizes In Stock
  12. Standard Staples

    Standard Staples

    14 Choices In Stock
  13. Carton Staples

    Carton Staples

    6 Options In Stock