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Transit Monitor Labels

Transit labels that inform you if your parcels are mishandled during delivery

When you hand your parcel over to someone else to deliver to your customer, you can’t always be certain that whoever handles it is going to treat it with the care they should. Fragile, Handle With Care and This Way Up labels will certainly help, but if there’s no outside signs of damage, you may have no redress if the contents are broken on arrival. These transit monitor labels give you a clear, visual indication if your parcel has been subjected to a large impact, dropped or tilted beyond 90 degrees to the vertical. You don’t need to activate them until the moment they leave your premises and, as long as you make sure the recipient checks them on arrival, that means you have proof if your parcel has been badly handled in between.

  1. ShockDot Impact Indicator

    ShockDot Impact Indicator

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  2. Drop n Tell Impact Indicators

    Drop n Tell Impact Indicators

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  3. Tip n Tell Labels

    Tip n Tell Labels

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  4. Tiltwatch Indicators

    Tiltwatch Indicators

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Packing and shipping labels have always been a good way of telling your courier or delivery company that your parcel needs to be handled carefully or in a certain way. But your parcel may pass through several pairs of hands on its journey, and if the contents do get damaged en route, it’s not always possible to tell where that damage occurred. You may be able to get redress from your courier, but that doesn’t prevent an unhappy customer who may not buy from you again as a result. Transit monitor labels can be checked at every stage and will show if your parcel has been dropped, or tipped too far. That means those handling it are far more likely to take the care they need to, because it’s far more likely that they can be identified should they be the ones to mishandle it. That means less damages, which in turn means more happy customers!