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Tip n Tell Labels

~ Helps instruct handlers on how to carry parcels ~ Prevents damage or impairment ~ Save up to 10%


These smart and bright Tip n Tell labels can alert recipients of a parcel that should be kept upright that they should check for possible damage. Just attach to the side of a parcel, activate the monitor, and if the parcel is tipped beyond 90 degrees to the vertical, the clear arrow turns permanently blue! The label can be attached to a parcel via the self-adhesive backing, or by nailing or stapling to a suitable surface. It is only activated when a bar in the centre of the device is pulled. After that, if the shipment is tipped slightly less than 90 degrees or beyond, the clear arrow becomes a bright blue, alerting the recipient that damage may have occured.

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From only £278.53 / pack 100
STT £371.38 Inc VAT
  • For parcels that should be upright
  • Indicates when tilted in transit
  • Activates at point of dispatch
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Supplied in packs of 100, Tip n Tell labels are a low cost monitoring system that can be worth their weight in gold, as they will ensure any handler takes greater care of your product and reduce the potential for expensive damages and returns.

  • Reduces the risk of your product being mishandled
  • Brightly coloured and highly visible
  • Can be activated at point of dispatch
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Low unit cost

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