101 Uses for Bubble Wrap No 22: Insulation

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Many of the ideas in this series are either silly or dangerous, or both. This one is practical. It could even save you money. Basically, bubble wrap packaging makes cracking insulation.

All you need to do is cut your bubble wrap to the size of a house window, but not a window you need or want to get a clear look out of; bathroom windows are great for this, because the world already looks fuzzy through them. By the way, the larger the bubble the better, because it has better insulating properties and lets in more light.

Using a spray bottle, squirt a film of water onto the window and, while it’s still wet, just press the bubble wrap firmly on so that the bubbles are touching the glass.


More money saving ideas from Davpack!

According to one website I studied, which had lots of convincing looking mathematical equations on it, heat loss through windows could be reduced by as much as 50%, which is pretty impressive!

Some practitioners of this art have left sheets up for several years at a time, but apparently it does stick quite solidly after a while. You’d probably be best just putting it up at the first sign of winter and taking it down at the first sign of spring. And then putting it almost straight back up again when the first sign of spring inevitably and rapidly gives way to another cold snap.

In exactly the same way, if you want to protect delicate plants over winter, lining the windows of a greenhouse with bubble wrap sheets will have a similar effect!

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