Manufacturing Centre

The packaging industry is constantly innovating and improving, and it’s all geared towards optimisation in supply chains, production lines, and, ultimately, business growth. Having insight into how packaging is made can give businesses a great opportunity in predicting what to look at next when trying to meet the needs of an ever-changing, consumer demanding market.

Manufacturing is the first step of the supply chain, and it’s the foundation on which your packaging system, whether you own an e-commerce store or just want to move office, is built. Understanding the different forms of packaging, such as the knowing the difference between flexible and rigid packaging, will help you achieve whatever your goal might be.

Our aim is provide you with the knowledge of why packaging is manufactured in so many versatile ways, and why it can help you understand the needs and wants of your target customer base, as well as for everyday usage. Similarly, this knowledge can then be used to work out which variation is the perfect solution when packaging up a brand new product — ensuring smooth deliveries, unique purchasing experiences, and off-the-bat customer satisfaction.


Optimise Your Packing Process

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Optimising your Pallet Proccess

High volume dispatch operators are likely to be using pallets to load and dispatch items every day and so getting the best value out of transportation cost and pallet space, becomes a very important element within the business. It is advisable to use packaging that can be stacked neatly toRead More

Packaging Tips: Under 5 Weeks Till Christmas

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Shipping essentials: The Packing Station

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Customer considerations: what you need to know about lean manufacturing

lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a method that maximises customer value while minimising waste. Originating in Japanese car manufacturing — it was Toyota who became first associated with it. In fact, Toyota first used the principles of lean manufacturing in the late 1940s, before the term ‘lean’ was even coined. Toyota flourishedRead More