Davpack Talks To

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day jobs for your business – especially if you’re just starting out. But reaching out to your customers to build relationships and finding out what makes them tick is an essential step for any business looking for long term meaningful success. That’s why we have created this section to take the time to talk to our customers and find out why we are their packaging supplier of choice as well as to learn more about their businesses, needs, concerns and how we can help them with our packaging.

Discussing how our customers use our packaging helps us to have a better understanding of how we can help more of our customers and allows you to learn from other established business owners.


Davpack Helps the TAKKT Group Reach its 300,000 Tree Donation Milestone

Over the past year, Davpack and the other sister companies of the TAKKT Group have all contributed to the donation of 300,000 trees for the Eden Reforestation Project. However, Davpack couldn’t have helped assist in this huge achievement without the contribution of our customers. Barney Byfield – the Managing DirectorRead More

Eco-Supplier Appreciation Post

As part of Davpack Talks To, we wanted to vary the type of people we were speaking with, so we decided to contact one of our suppliers who specialise in creating environmentally friendly cardboard sheets, cases, and other forms of packaging that caters to their customer’s needs. Our supplier hasRead More

Davpack Talks To Legs4Africa

An opportunity arose for Davpack to interview an amazing charity called Legs4Africa for part of our ‘Davpack Talks To’ series. Legs4Africa is an inspirational organisation that donates prosthetic legs to amputees in need across Africa. They help countless people in developing countries gain independence, alongside assisting in the emotional andRead More

Customer Appreciation Post – BAM Botanics

For our third customer appreciation post, Davpack spoke with Ellen from BAM Botanics – one of the founders alongside her friend, Kat. The company is incredibly passionate about sustainability, selling plants, pot hangers, and hand-designed pots, we learned about their inspiration behind creating BAM Botanics and how they have foundRead More

Customer Appreciation Post – Air Bourne Drones Ltd

Davpack has recently started to create Customer Appreciation posts, where we speak to our customers and understand how their businesses came to be. The second individual Davpack had the fortune of speaking with is Pete Bourne from Air Bourne Drones Ltd. The History of Air Bourne Drones Pete has aRead More