Protecting Fragile Goods


Why Choose Bubble Wrap?

If you’re an eCommerce seller, moving to a new house, or just need to get items from A to B in one piece, chances are you’ll want to use some form of protective packaging. But with a wide range of protective packaging options out there why should you pick bubble wrap?  It’s highlyRead More

Excessive packaging: who are the biggest culprits?


The Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report shows that two thirds of consumers would be willing to pay extra for brands who have adopted sustainable packaging philosophies. So why is excessive packaging an issue within ecommerce and deliveries? One sure-fire way for companies to respond to this, by demonstrating their commitmentRead More

How to get the most out of your protective packaging

protective packaging

For any small business, three important types of internal packaging are bubble wrap, packing peanuts and packaging foam. All are designed for protection, but each product has its own specific properties and applications worth knowing about. Packaging foam    Packaging foam is made of air-filled polyethylene cells. Polyethylene, a thermoplastic, isRead More