Packaging Clinic

Whether you run a shop on the high street, or an online store, your business will require some form packaging solution; if you sell a physical product. What many people don’t realise however, especially those who are just starting up, is that there is a packaging solution for every business in every industry. Do you sell fresh food, for instance? Perhaps you’re about to step up the selling of electrical goods? No matter what you sell, what you import and export, there is a packaging solution for you.

Today, consumers are constantly seeking innovation and creative solutions to everyday situations — and this extends to using packaging as a tool to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, understanding your market, your competitors, and your target audience’s values will greatly influence you when choosing the packaging that best suits your business.

In our Packaging Clinic, you will learn about the great many different types of packaging available for different industries, how to package properly and sustainably, and how to get the most out of it.


Davpacks FEFCO Guide

FEFCO stands for European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers and is an international non-profit organisation that represents the interests of the industry throughout Europe. They deal with a wide variety of topics, ranging from technical to financial topics. One of the best-known things to come from FEFCO is the classicRead More

Avoiding Parcel Tampering

Sending out your parcels can come with a variety of risks, one of which can be people trying to access, steal or damage the contents of your parcels. With parcels being handled by multiple people at various stages of their journey, there is an increased chance for people to tryRead More

Which Protective Packaging Products Should You Use?

  Protective packaging products are essential for keeping your products safe from damage during transit and storage. But with the large variety of different types, of protective packaging, how do you know which type to choose? We’ve put this guide together to try and help you identify the best protectiveRead More

Top Shipping Pitfalls

Not packing the boxes correctly This is one of the most obvious of the shipping pitfalls on the list but it’s one that many companies still manage to get wrong every day. To ensure that your parcels arrive at your customers in good condition you will want to make sureRead More

How Your Order Will Be Sent and What We Are Doing to Become More Eco-Friendly

With the launch of our new eco-range at Davpack we’re looking within our business to see how we can make improvements to our processes and increase our eco-credentials. Outer Box Currently, the standard way for us to send out our parcels is in a cardboard box. Cardboard is one ofRead More