Craft Business 101: Branding Outside the Box

Pencil Standing Out From the Crowd

The role of the internet in today’s society continues to evolve, from online shopping to online promotions, this modern day distribution channel has proven itself to be an effective starting point for establishing brand awareness. With online retail brands such as ASOS, Zalando and BooHoo, demonstrating year on year thatRead More

What does 2016 hold for the packaging world?


How will the predicted packaging trends for 2016 affect small business owners? Looking at some of the key findings found in Mintel’s latest report on global packaging trends, there is plenty of useful packaging advice to consider that could help you and your business enjoy a prosperous new year. UniquenessRead More

Branding and packaging: local versus global


Global branding depends on well known names, recognisable logos and mass marketing strategies. Local branding however targets specific populations using diverse marketing techniques and can go as far as changing product names. A balance between global and local is, in the current market, essential to branding success. Companies who areRead More

Inspirational packaging design ideas for your small business


Getting the right look for your product is a key part of creating a brand and building a successful business. Of course, you can win people over with words as well, but the first step to making a sale is getting someone’s attention. And the best way to do thatRead More

Packaging design and its importance to the success of your business

Flexible or rigid packaging: what’s best for me?

When you’re setting up a new business, especially one trading online, it’s easy to push aside things like branded packaging until later, in favour of getting the basics right from the off: that is, developing a product for which people have a want or need, marketing it with an emphasisRead More