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Christmas is huge event for most businesses and festive packaging plays an important role. Whether making it simply stand out amongst competitors or perfecting the unboxing experience for customers, its never too early to start thinking about your packaging. Festive packaging is a great way to showcase your branding and add a bit of personality to it, as well as showing your customers that you know how to stay current. Whether you’re a well-established business or hobby seller, these ideas will help make your packaging fit for a sleigh.

Custom Printing

Custom Printed Packaging is a fantastic way to get festive because it is easy for the customer to notice. Whether its Boxes, Tape, Mailing Bags or Tissue Paper (to name a few), you can really make your product get into the festive spirit and stand out. The options for custom printable packaging is large, but the amount of festive designs you can use is endless. Popular choices for colours are green and red with images of snowflakes, Christmas trees, candy canes etc, but don’t be afraid to stray away from the beaten path and try something new, you might start a new Christmas trend! You can also make tweaks to your logo for the perfect combination of branding and festivity. If your doing it on a small scale you can also create custom festive packaging with stamps, paint and even pens. You can change up your company logo for the christmas period by adding in similar imagrey and colours for the perfect combination of branding and festivity.

Gift Wrapping

Decorating your packages is another great way of giving your customer the perfect unboxing experience. Again, the options for doing this are almost endless and you can really unleash your creativity when doing so. You can use things like twine, bows, stamps, stickers and ornaments such a bells, to turn what might have been a boring brown box into a amazing Christmas gift. If you dont want to pay the extra to have customised packaging you can also buy tape and ribbon with patterns on it to add some festivity to your packaging. By making these additions you are also offering your customers the chance to buy a gift that is ready to go!

Another great option is to decorate with nature. Pine cones and pine sprigs look fantastic attached to packages and really embody the christmas period. you can also add cinnamon, cloves and dried orange slices on the inside can make the parcel smell the part as well (they can also look good attached).

Festive Packaging

Christmas Messages

Christmas is supposed to be a time of cheer, and that makes it a perfect opportunity for you to spread some through your festive packaging. A great idea for doing this is to include little extras in your parcels. These can come in a variety of forms such as trinkets, postcards with Christmas messages, or some free samples. This shows you’re getting into the Christmas spirit and giving back to your customers. if you have the time and capability, you can also personalise the experience with a message or note from the business or packer. Treating your customers as individuals can reall make your customers feel valued and can go a long way in generating brand loyalty.

Festive Packaging


Market it

Creating Festive packaging for your products is a great idea on its own for brand awarness. However when you use it in conjunction with a advertising campaign it can be increased even further, giving you higher potential for sales. Now its understandable that not every business will have the resources that John Lewis or Sainsburys have to carry out their massive TV adverts at christmas. But even launching a small campaign on your social media pages has the potential to significantly increase exposure to your festive packaging and products.

Going Green

Going environmentally friendly might not seem like an obvious option when thinking of festive packaging but it could be a major selling point for your brand at a time of year when there is an increase in packaging waste and concern about it. Studies have shown that consumers becoming increasingly conscious about excessive packaging and plastics. Using packaging that is recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable or reusable (or a combination of all) can be a great selling point and can ultimately be the deciding factor in whether a customer chooses to buy from you or not.

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