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2017 Packaging Highlights…

  Whether you’re starting a business or setting up shop at home, packaging supplies can sometimes be an expensive outlay. To make things simple and cost effective, this year we introduced our new economy packaging range. Including a selection of popular, tough and durable cardboard boxes, a range of bubble wrap andRead More

Custom packaging solutions at Davpack

Custom Packaging

Packaging does many things. One of its main and most important functions is to protect items in storage and in transit, and this is something that’s always in our minds; only the other day, we reminded you of what we call the ‘Five Damaged Parcel Horrors’ – and how toRead More

Filling the Void

Void Fill

Even with access to cost effective custom cardboard boxes, it’s very rare for suppliers sending out multiple products to have the right box every time and not require some kind of void fill. Void fill, of course, has two functions: to stop the contents of a box rattling around inRead More

Too Many Boxes, Not Enough Time?

When you spend any amount of time working in the Sales office at Davpack, you quickly find that the most common question you’re asked is something along the lines of: Do you have any cardboard boxes measuring this long by this wide by this high? Now, all of our boxesRead More

Blister Packaging – It’s New and So Simple!

Cardboard boxes have the advantage of providing solid protection, but easily seeing what’s inside is difficult without resorting to complicated cut-outs. Polythene bags, on the other hand, while undoubtedly crystal clear, are somewhat soft and flexible, and when used to package small items can be easy to steal from aRead More