Custom Cardboard Boxes

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Want to reduce your costs…?

  Introduced to support customers who are keen on reducing their overall packaging cost, the econoRANGE, is designed to help small businesses achieve optimum efficiency in a more cost effective way. Offering quality, choice and generous discounts, with some of the lines offering up to 40% off . In additionRead More

Custom packaging solutions at Davpack

Custom Packaging

Packaging does many things. One of its main and most important functions is to protect items in storage and in transit, and this is something that’s always in our minds; only the other day, we reminded you of what we call the ‘Five Damaged Parcel Horrors’ – and how toRead More

5 Reasons to Get Custom Cardboard Boxes from Davpack!

custom cardboard boxes

With perhaps the most comprehensive range of in-stock single and double wall cardboard boxes available online in the UK, there’s a pretty good chance that we can supply you a size suitable for your needs almost immediately. However, despite that huge choice, we are still inundated with requests for customRead More

Custom cardboard boxes – what we need to know

Many of the requests we get for quotes for custom cardboard boxes are from people who have been in the business for years, and they can usually easily reel off the exact specification they need without blinking. Just as many, if not more, come from beginners to the subject. IfRead More

Horse Box Help

As the vast majority of Davpack’s Customers are trade, rather than private individuals, most of the cardboard boxes we sell come in multipacks. Partly this is because they are likely to need them in larger quantities, and partly it means we can keep the unit price lower than if weRead More