Things You Need To Know


Do I send my package as a small parcel or letter?

  With most couriers, the amount you pay to send your items is determined by size, weight, speed and location. For a start-up business with a conventional shaped item, shipping domestically and seeking to control outbound packaging costs, we have a few short tips that can make the information aboutRead More

Trading abroad? Your guide to UN certified boxes


UN certified boxes can go by many names: hazardous materials, dangerous goods, and hazmat packaging are a few examples. However, they all come under the same umbrella of being designed specifically for potentially hazardous goods transport. Whether the delivery is by air, sea, inland waterway, or road, it’s important forRead More

Making the case: wooden versus cardboard


Before the inventions of the corrugated cardboard box (in about 1890) and plywood (technically, some 5500 years ago, but more realistically, in about 1850), a traditional wooden crate was just about the only option for packing and shipping goods. It was still the first choice a lot more recently thanRead More

Export packaging made simple

Plywood Boxes

Getting the right packaging materials to transport items safely by couriers around the UK is an art in itself. If you need to send them abroad, however, whether you’re exporting goods or moving to a different country, there’s a whole new range of things you need to think about, notRead More