What Will 2020 Hold for Packaging?

Globally, the packaging industry is a huge economic contributor which is set to reach a market value of over £820bn. Like with every other industry out there, the packaging industry is constantly evolving due to customer demand, innovations and technology. Here are five areas of packaging where we expect toRead More

How To Make Money From Your Hobby Online

When you’re looking to make money from your hobby online, it’s important to determine what you want to get from it. Do you want to earn some extra money on the side of your existing job? Or do you want to turn it into your main source of income andRead More

Can You Re-use and Recycle Postal Packaging?

With e-commerce now a popular and growing method of shopping, the amount of postal packaging used and needing to be disposed of has increased as well. In order to cut down waste and avoid unnecessary landfill and pollution, it’s important to understand how we can re-use and recycle postal packaging.Read More

Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out

  Sometimes the choices available can be overwhelming for customers which can make it hard for your products to stand out. One way in which you can increase the chances of this though is by using your packaging. In a physical store it can make your products stand out fromRead More

How To Reduce Plastic In Your Packaging

Single-use plastics have become one of, if not the most talked about topics in packaging at the moment, as it continues to make its way into the oceans and people become increasingly aware. Every year approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, but by makingRead More