Are You Ready For The Plastic Packaging Tax?

From April 2022, a new tax on plastic packaging will take effect in the UK with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic packaging that is used. It is hoped that businesses and manufacturers will reconsider the packaging that they use and look for alternatives that would see lessRead More

6 Ways Using Cardboard Boxes Has Changed the Packaging Industry

Cardboard boxes have revolutionised the packaging industry, they are reliable, durable and versatile when it comes to protection alongside the possibility of what they are able to protect during transit. Cardboard boxes are the best thing to happen to the packaging industry but are also the type of container that we neverRead More

Choosing The Right Packaging Tubes

Packaging tubes are great for packaging and protecting a wide variety of products, from posters, artwork and documents to bottles and anything long and narrow. Offering a strong and secure way to protect your items in transit or storage, our postal tubes come in a variety of strengths and stylesRead More

Alternatives To Cardboard Boxes For Ecommerce Sellers

Cardboard boxes have been and continue to be the most popular form of packaging in use. But that doesn’t mean they are the best or only option out there. Here at Davpack, we have a wide range of alternatives to cardboard boxes for you, whether you’re a brand-new eCommerce seller or you’ve beenRead More

Legs4Africa Launch the Biggest Campaign in Charity’s History for Amputees

Legs4Africa is an incredible charity that Davpack have had the pleasure of interviewing previously for our series ‘Davpack Talks To’. Inspired by the founder’s – Tom Williams’ – trip to The Gambia in 2013, where he met a family involving a father being an amputee and could not gain accessRead More