How Davpack Recycles Waste Products

Recently we’ve been making a push to become more environmentally conscious, such as creating our new Eco Packaging range that offers eco-friendly packaging options that are easy to recycle, biodegradable and made from partially recycled materials. This year we’ve made a change to how our waste management is done and have started working with waste recoveryRead More

How To Prepare Your Business For Peak Periods

Running a business can be hard work year-round, but at busy periods of the year, it can become much harder. Luckily though there are a few ways in which you can help to prepare your business for peak periods so you can make the most of them and benefit and learn from theRead More

Getting Ready For Moving Day

So, you’ve got your moving day scheduled and now you need to pack up all your belongings ready to move to your new home. When you look around at all your possessions you’ve been collecting over the years this can seem a bit daunting; whether it’s’ large bulky wardrobes or delicate glassware!    Before you start packing up your belongings on movingRead More

5 Reasons To Choose Davpack For your Packaging Supplies

Here at Davpack, we have thousands of happy customers across the UK, and if you aren’t already one of those happy customers, we’ll give you five great reasons why you should get your packaging supplies from Davpack!   Huge Range of Packaging Supplies    At Davpack we have over 5,000 products in stock which is set to keep growing as weRead More

Guide To Anti Static Packaging

Static might not seem like much of an issue, other than making your hair stand on end and making things cling to your hand. However, on sensitive electronic components, it has the potential to wreck them, which given the higher than usual value for them can cause you financial lossesRead More