Export Packing Made Simple

Getting the right packaging materials to transport items safely by couriers around the UK is an art in itself. If you need to send them abroad, however, whether you’re exporting goods or moving to a different country, there is a whole new range of things you need to think about, not least the extra number of bumpsRead More

Is Book Packaging Still Relevant?

  With eBooks and audiobooks accounting for more and more of the total amount of books being sold, you might think that book wraps are on their way out. At Davpack however, that’s not what we’ve been experiencing, with large amounts of customers seeking to get their hands-on book packaging. So whyRead More

Top Eco Friendly Packaging Alternatives

Looking to make your packaging more eco friendly but not sure where to start? We’ve made this list of five packaging alternatives that you can easily switch to today to start using eco friendly packaging, cut down on plastic and reduce waste within your business.    100% Recycled Boxes  Probably the most widely used formRead More

6 Ways To Reduce Business Costs

  With the start of a new year just around the corner now is the perfect time to start to consider where you can save your business some money and reduce business costs. In this uncertain time and economy, even small increases in revenue or decreases in expenses can have an impactRead More

Making Your Own Hamper

  If you’re struggling to think of a gift to get your friends, family or loved ones this year why not consider making your own hamper full of their favourite things instead? Not only does a gift hamper give you the opportunity to get multiple smaller gifts (reducing the risk of theRead More