Moving House


How To Pack for University

We understand that making the big move to University can be daunting and moving can be a tedious experience. We all know that moving to University is a huge moment in a persons life, but can be stressful too. As packaging experts, we’d like to share some top tips onRead More

Top 5 Worries About Moving House

Lady Moving Cardboard House

Moving house is often regarded as one of the more stressful events that we go through, so many worry about what it will involve, how much time it will take, and how expensive it will be. It is certainly a big process and the planning, as well as the moveRead More

The Moving Checklist: How Many Boxes Will I Need?

moving checklist

If you are planning to move house, there’s the difficulty of estimating how many moving boxes you might need to pack up all of your belongings to consider. However, with good planning, it need not be the complete mystery it initially seems. Of course, not everyone will need the sameRead More

Rise & Shine: How to Pack up Your Bedroom When Moving

how to pack a bedroom

With its heavy furniture — at least a bed and a wardrobe — the bedroom can take up a lot of time and energy during a house move. There are all your clothes to consider too, and if you have a family, there may be two or more bedrooms toRead More

Tools, Tins & General Storage: Top Tips for Packing up Your Garage

Empty Garage When Moving House

Unsurprisingly, moving house can be a highly stressful process. While it’s perhaps impossible to totally eliminate upheaval, you can minimise the impact of moving on your mental and physical wellbeing by ensuring that everything is well organised, and that you have a clear strategy in place. Packing up the contentsRead More