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Utilising packaging effectively and efficiently is an integral component to brand marketability — whether you’re just starting up a new business or are a large corporate company. From eye catching shelf-ready packaging to sustainable home delivery parcels, consumers now expect quality considerations in all aspects of a brand’s packaging process. It doesn’t matter what type of brand you want to build, how consumers see your packaging can be the deciding factor in saying “yes” or “no“ to your services or products.

Packaging should reflect a part of your brand’s overall ethos, and introduces a freedom to innovate, and to be creative when trying to replicate it. Do you want to inspire? Perhaps you want to be environmentally friendly? The packaging you use is the perfect vehicle in getting your brand message out there.

To help get you on your way in using packaging as a powerful brand building tool, we’ve broken down the basics so you can understand how to utilise it effectively, and to see how different industries are using packaging in marketable ways that are not only tried and tested, but also new and exciting.


Making Your Own Hamper

  If you’re struggling to think of a gift to get your friends, family or loved ones this year why not consider making your own hamper full of their favourite things instead? Not only does a gift hamper give you the opportunity to get multiple smaller gifts (reducing the risk of theRead More

How Davpack Recycles Waste Products

Recently we’ve been making a push to become more environmentally conscious, such as creating our new Eco Packaging range that offers eco-friendly packaging options that are easy to recycle, biodegradable and made from partially recycled materials. This year we’ve made a change to how our waste management is done and have started working with waste recoveryRead More

5 Reasons To Choose Davpack For your Packaging Supplies

Here at Davpack, we have thousands of happy customers across the UK, and if you aren’t already one of those happy customers, we’ll give you five great reasons why you should get your packaging supplies from Davpack!   Huge Range of Packaging Supplies    At Davpack we have over 5,000 products in stock which is set to keep growing as weRead More

Want To Wow Your Customers?

  It’s probably safe to say that we all know that when packaging e-commerce products the main aim is to protect the product to make sure it gets to your customer in one piece. That doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t be thinking about how your packaging looks to your customers and how it makes themRead More

Creating Vintage Postal Parcels

Many of the e-commerce packages we receive look the same, box with tape and a dispatch notice on the front, which might be perfectly functional, but can look pretty boring and doesn’t do anything for enhancing your brand. If you’re wanting to try out something different for your postal packaging why not tryRead More