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Utilising packaging effectively and efficiently is an integral component to brand marketability — whether you’re just starting up a new business or are a large corporate company. From eye catching shelf-ready packaging to sustainable home delivery parcels, consumers now expect quality considerations in all aspects of a brand’s packaging process. It doesn’t matter what type of brand you want to build, how consumers see your packaging can be the deciding factor in saying “yes” or “no“ to your services or products.

Packaging should reflect a part of your brand’s overall ethos, and introduces a freedom to innovate, and to be creative when trying to replicate it. Do you want to inspire? Perhaps you want to be environmentally friendly? The packaging you use is the perfect vehicle in getting your brand message out there.

To help get you on your way in using packaging as a powerful brand building tool, we’ve broken down the basics so you can understand how to utilise it effectively, and to see how different industries are using packaging in marketable ways that are not only tried and tested, but also new and exciting.


Craft Business 101: Branding Outside the Box

Pencil Standing Out From the Crowd

The role of the internet in today’s society continues to evolve, from online shopping to online promotions, this modern day distribution channel has proven itself to be an effective starting point for establishing brand awareness. With online retail brands such as ASOS, Zalando and BooHoo, demonstrating year on year thatRead More

What is Mobile-Engaged Packaging and Can Small Businesses Benefit?

mobile-engaged packaging

Two thirds of Brits now own a smartphone, and these devices have become more popular than laptops as a means of getting online. The proportion of smartphone owners is highest amongst 16 – 24 year olds, at 90%, but older generations are also getting on board with this technology atRead More

Key Insights From 2016’s Packaging Innovations Event

packaging innovations

Packaging Innovations 2016, which took place in February, brought together the packaging industry in order to foster positive relationships, inspire developments, and showcase new innovations and approaches. The latest trends in the industry were on show, while new technologies wowed the crowd. As the UK’s most wide-ranging packaging event, PackagingRead More

Ingenious packaging: 5 examples that catch the eye

Ingenious packaging

One vital function of packaging is identification. It should carry information about both the product and the brand. With so many brands vying for consumers’ attention, it is important for products to be eye-catching. Since packaging provides the consumer’s first contact with a product, it plays the primary role inRead More

What does 2016 hold for the packaging world?

How will the predicted packaging trends for 2016 affect small business owners? Looking at some of the key findings found in Mintel’s latest report on global packaging trends, there is plenty of useful packaging advice to consider that could help you and your business enjoy a prosperous new year. UniquenessRead More